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Angel Alvarado R.
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23 Jan 2017
10 Roadshow - San Francisco. Review.

Tableau 10 Roadshow: Quick Review

This was a superb event, I attended two sessions and a keynote in San Francisco:  http://www.tableau.com/community/events/tableau-10-san-francisco

Keynote:  Tableau 10 Keynote by Paul Lilford, Senior Director, Product Management

Despite a couple of errors in the presentation (i.e. during the presentation Tableau crashed when importing data from Google Sheets, it is still in beta of course) I enjoyed it and had a chance to take a peak at Tableau's new features.
I’ll mention some features that I really love about Tableau 10:
  • Beautiful by design

The new UI is astonishingly beautiful.

  • Join multiple sources
Now you can join multiple sources and can connect to many more data sources too. Here is a screenshot of the currently supported datasources:
Here are the steps to join a Mysql database and an Excel file. 

  • This database has a table which contains info about dishes from different restaurants

  • Connect to the Excel file (note that when updating the Excel file's content I had to close Tableau in order to update and see the changes reflected in Tableau - even with the live option selected- I guess this is because it’s still in beta)

  • Joining the data
    • The common column is idrestaurant which will be used by Tableau to join them

  • I have several restaurants in the Excel spread sheet that don’t have any attached dish, therefore I used a left join.
  • Note: Don’t forget the geocodes for your restaurants. I usually get them from here http://www.findlatitudeandlongitude.com/batch-geocode/, or gMaps. 

  • You got all you need to create a viz!
  • This was a piece of cake. Simple but effective.

Session 1:  Drag and Drop Like a Boss: An Introduction to Tableau 10* - Want to understand how Tableau can help your business? We’ll show you how easy it is to prep your data and build a dashboard with Tableau 10.

Session 2: Learning from the greatest visualizations of all time: Data visualization has a long history, but which vizzes have had the most impact on the field, on culture, on politics? See our picks for the five most influential visualizations of all time and learn how you can incorporate their timeless lessons into your own work.


Worth mentioning & @Todos

One of the sponsors in the event was Alteryx: A powerful tool to automate common data preparation, blending, and analysis tasks. I had no experience with this tool, but at the conference I installed it and played with it. I'll do a quick review in a future post.