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Marcos Martinez
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23 Dec 2017
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What is appbase.io



  1. pip install pystache requests pygithub3
  2. generate.py

Repository data (repos.json) is pulled via the GitHub API (e.g., website). By default the script performs unauthenticated requests, so it's easy to run up against GitHub's limit of 60 unauthenticated requests per hour. To make authenticated requests and work around the rate-limiting, add an entry for api.github.com to your ~/.netrc file, preferably with a Personal Access Token from https://github.com/settings/applications.

  1. machine api.github.com
  2. login YourUsername
  3. password PersonalAccessToken

Images are loaded by convention from the repo_images/ directory. Ensure the name is the same as the repo name in the repos.json file and has a .jpg extension.